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Top 10 PlayStation 3 Exclusives That Deserve Sequels

From bowling balls to puppets

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It may be hard to believe but Sony's third home console released well over a decade ago. The PlayStation 3 has an incredible library of games so let's take a look at the ten that most deserve current-gen sequels.

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Note: in order for a game to be eligible for this list, its series must have debuted on PlayStation 3, be console exclusive, and not have any current generation direct sequels or ports. Now that we have that out of the way, let's relive some PlayStation 3 memories! v1d30chumz 44-212-99-248

High Velocity Bowling

Although this seems like a weird game to start this list out with, I have very fond memories of this off-the-wall bowling game. First of all, the controls are unlike anything I've ever played as you hold the DualShock 3 as you would a bowling ball. It feels so awesome to swing your arm, let go at just the right moment, and get a strike. There's also PlayStation Move integration although surprisingly, using the DualShock still feels more authentic. Anyway, High Velocity Bowling 2 for PlayStation 4 would make for a great party game.

Tokyo Jungle

What do you get when you combine survival mechanics, RPG elements, action/stealth gameplay, a simulation component, and a whole zoo of animals set in a dystopian Tokyo where all the humans are dead? Tokyo Jungle, of course. It has a strangely dark tone yet with a layer of humour that helps lighten up the fact that everyone's dead. Seeing as it's such an imaginative premise for a game, I'm sure plenty of gamers would love to play a sequel. At least port Tokyo Jungle Mobile back from obscurity!

Tokyo Jungle screenshot
It's a vegan's fantasy come true!


Also known as Lost in the Rain, Rain is yet another highly creative gaming experience. You play as an invisible boy who can only be seen in the rain. Meanwhile, beasts are on the prowl so the boy must remain sheltered when they're around. The mix of puzzles and stealth along with its innovative premise surely make Rain a sequel-worthy game.


When it comes to Breakout-inspired games, very few are as brilliantly addictive as Shatter. Merely bouncing a ball off a paddle is somewhat fun but the fact that Shatter allows you to suck or blow the ball towards or away from you adds a layer of strategy that you don't often see in these kinds of games. The stage designs are super-rewarding and when you factor in the awesome power-ups and massive boss battles, it's hard to put this sucker down. I'm honestly surprised that Shatter didn't end up spawning a series of sequels.

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Shatter screenshot
This definitely isn't the same Breakout from when I was a kid


It's true that Resistance: Fall of Man had a couple of direct sequels on PlayStation 3 and two portable spin-offs but we still have yet to see a new entry or even an enhanced port on PlayStation 4. Battling the alien Chimera forces in an alternate mid-1900s setting with futuristic takes on classic weaponry was exhilarating. Hopefully, there will be a remastered collection at some point.


Just like with Resistance, MotorStorm had a couple of PlayStation 3 sequels (Pacific Rift and Apocalypse) and portable spin-offs (Arctic Edge and RC). It managed to create an overwhelmingly visceral gameplay formula whether you preferred driving rally cars, bikes, ATVs, buggies, mud pluggers, trucks, or even big rigs. The non-linear tracks and careful attention to detail are just the icing on the cake.

MotorStorm screenshot
MotorStorm will make you want to go straight to the car wash


Wait, you don't know what Folklore is? Allow me to explain. You play as either Ellen or Keats as you alternate between the real world and the Netherworld while trying to unravel an Irish village's mysteries. Recruiting spiritual beings in the Netherworld to use in combat and unleashing the right ones given your current circumstances is so satisfying. Too bad Game Republic is no longer around.

Heavenly Sword

Ninja Theory may be known for their reboot of Devil May Cry and the recently released Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice but their debut title Heavenly Sword still remains one of their best creations. Nariko's action-packed adventure filled with variety and sinister foes is one of the most memorable tales in gaming. Although Ninja Theory were working on a sequel and even planned out a whole trilogy, Heavenly Sword remains the sole entry in the series. I hope Nariko will go on another journey in the near future.

What do Heavenly Sword and MotorStorm have in common? They're both also on my top 10 PS3 games without trophy support list.

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Heavenly Sword screenshot
Nariko won't let anyone stand in her way

3D Dot Game Heroes

As any fan will tell you, Zelda-style adventure games don't get much better than 3D Dot Game Heroes. Its charming voxel graphics, great sense of humour, and addictive gameplay make it one of the best PlayStation 3 exclusives yet it's never had a sequel. I'm glad the developers went on to create the phenomenal Bravely Default. At least that game had a sequel with Bravely Second: End Layer.


Japan Studio has a long history of making innovative video games whether it's Ape Escape, Ico, or LocoRoco. However, Puppeteer for PlayStation 3 is one of their best. The lengthy story-driven 2D platforming campaign is so full of variety and charm that you'll make plenty of fond memories as you play. I remember playing it with my 3D glasses on and being completely immersed in its life-like puppet show world. Swapping heads as the ever-silent Kutaro as you solve puzzles and work past countless tricky platforming situations while uncovering a wealth of collectibles is a blast. Why they never developed a sequel still baffles me to this day.

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Puppeteer screenshot
Very few games are as engaging as the ever-charming Puppeteer
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