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Top 10 Super Nintendo Co-op Multiplayer Games

16-bit fun with friends

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The Super NES is home to plenty of fantastic multiplayer games, many of which allow you to cooperate with your chums. This list contains the 10 most enjoyable co-op games for Nintendo's classic 16-bit console so invite a friend over and let's play some games!

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Note: this list is generally in order of how fun the games are while playing cooperatively and not necessarily their overall quality. v1d30chumz 18-208-187-128

Secret of Mana

After playing so many fantastic RPGs on the SNES, who knew one would release that allows you and a pal to play together? Although it's sometimes cumbersome, going on a colourful action-packed adventure simultaneously with a friend makes Secret of Mana an even more satisfying experience. If you love these kinds of games then test your knowledge with our challenging Super NES RPGs Trivia.

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Cacoma Knight in Bizyland

What is a Cacoma Knight and what's it doing in Bizyland? I have no idea but I do know that this game is a fun take on Taito's classic Qix that you can play together with a chum. It starts incredibly easy but gradually gets more challenging and overall, it's full of vibrant stages that are fun to uncover as well as clever power-ups and bosses that make for a laidback albeit enjoyable co-op game.

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Cacoma Knight in Bizyland screenshot
Jack and Jean use teamwork to master yet another puzzle

Goof Troop

Disney has a wealth of fantastic retro games and Goof Troop is one of the most underrated games in their catalog. You and a friend control Goofy and Max in order to rescue Pete and PJ from pirates. The gameplay involves setting up traps for your enemies because the two goofballs lack the ability to fight. The combination of strategy, puzzle elements, and action is perfectly suited for cooperative play although the lack of challenge makes it a bit too easy. Fun fact: Goof Troop is the first game designed by Shinji Mikami.

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Kirby Super Star

Admittedly, Kirby Super Star doesn't feature a fully fleshed out cooperative experience but it's still a blast to play with a buddy. Basically, whenever Kirby copies an ability, he can spit out a helper that a second player can control. I don't know about you but playing through the colourful world of Kirby with a friend just feels right. Plus, there are some very fun competitive mini-games, too.

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Kirby Super Star screenshot
Stand aside, Kirby; Waddle Doo can take care of this hooligan!

Super Smash TV

Now that we got all that cuteness out of our systems, here's one of the most violent 16-bit games you'll ever play. Before twin-stick shooters were as commonplace, Eugene Jarvis (of Robotron and Nex Machina fame) created one heck of an insane action-intense arcade game where you take part in a TV show that has you brutally murder countless opponents. Thankfully, it got ported to SNES and it's an absolute blast to play with someone else; both literally and figuratively.

Darius Twin

Taito's Darius games comprise one of the most overlooked shoot 'em up series and Darius Twin remains one of my personal favourite cooperative games in the genre. It's fairly easy but that makes playing it with a friend more enjoyable as shmups can get very confusing rather quickly with two onscreen players. In the end, the satisfying power-ups and imaginative sea-themed bosses make for a rewarding gameplay formula. Fun fact: Darius Twin is also #5 on another one of my top 10 lists: Top 10 Super Nintendo Shoot 'em Ups.

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Darius Twin screenshot
These foes look like they belong in the ocean, not the air

Wild Guns

If you've never experienced the Wild West steampunk world of Wild Guns then where have you been, varmint? The combination of blasting away robot enemies and hulking bosses while performing perfectly-timed dodges makes this one of the most addictive arcade-style games in the Super Nintendo's library. Oh, and you can play it cooperatively. If this sounds like your bottle of sarsaparilla, head on down to my review of Wild Guns Reloaded which is an updated version available for PlayStation 4.

Wild Guns Reloaded Review

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time

Admit it; you knew this was coming, right? The old-school TMNT brawlers are some of the best in the genre and Turtles in Time is the cream of the crop. The gorgeous comic book style visuals, tight gameplay, and great sense of humour make it a must-have Super NES game for anyone who likes on the couch gaming (and pizza) with pals. Cowabunga, dude!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time screenshot
Now's not the time to nap, Michelangelo!

Super Bomberman 5

Wait, there's a Super Bomberman 5? Yes! But unfortunately, it's only in Japan. If you enjoy Bomberman but hate inputting passwords then this cooperative campaign should be right up your alley. That's right; it's the only SNES Bomberman game that actually allows you to save your progress! That cool feature aside, it's so much fun to work through the colourful campaign while exploding the wide variety of enemies and bosses. As a huge fan of the series, Super Bomberman 5 is still one of my favourites. I highly recommend it.

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Contra III: The Alien Wars

Although I've discussed plenty of outstanding cooperative multiplayer games, Contra III accomplishes something that few games do. Specifically, it creates a constant feeling of chaos and intensity that makes working together with a friend a rewarding experience. The sense of comradery is unmatched and I can easily say that Contra III: The Alien Wars deserves to be at the top of this list.

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Contra III: The Alien Wars screenshot
The only way to take down alien invaders is to pump their ugly butts full of lead!
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