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Top 10 Underrated Games I've Reviewed (Year One)

Has it been a year already?

A.J. Maciejewski

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I started this humble site one year ago today so I thought I'd put together a list to celebrate. Out of the 158 games that I've reviewed since I started, here are my ten favourite underdogs that I hope will win you over, too.

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Don't Die, Mr. Robot!

When you first get a glimpse of Mr. Robot's strange little game, you probably don't expect much. However, once you start playing you'll be sucked in to its simple dodge 'em up gameplay, fantastic audio, and dark sense of humour. This is one game that makes chasing that much sought after high score always exciting. v1d30chumz 100-24-118-144

Don't Die, Mr. Robot! Review

Nekoburo: Cats Block

Nekoburo combines Columns gameplay with power-ups and more kitties than that lonely lady down the street has to make one hilarious and fun puzzle game. I never thought anyone could improve on Columns before I played with these cats.

Nekoburo: Cats Block Review
Nekoburo: Cats Block screenshot
I wish real life kitties were as colourful as these feline fellows

Race The Sun

I'm always intrigued when I come across a game as unique as Race The Sun. With smooth gameplay and a minimalist style, having to stay out of the shade to hover for as long as possible in the randomly generated obstacle-filled stages manages to stay both extremely challenging and undeniably satisfying. It also features one of the coolest soundtracks I've ever heard.

Race The Sun Review


If Rubik's Cubes are no longer a challenge then here's a game for you. Attempting to figure out these 3D block puzzles will drive you insane with frustration unless you're already crazy enough to understand how to do them. Either way, if it's challenge you want then you can't go wrong with giving this noodle-scratcher a try.

Bloxiq Review
Bloxiq screenshot
If there were puzzles like these in school then the drop-out rate would climb substantially

Color Guardians

I didn't quite understand Color Guardians when I first started playing it, "Is this a rhythm game or an endless runner?" The answer is that it's not really either. After playing for hours on end, I can tell you that it definitely fulfilled my craving for hectic arcade action. Who knew a game as cute as this could be so brutally difficult?

Color Guardians Review


One genre in gaming history that I have fond memories of is the early 2000s shoot 'em up. Playing Giga Wing and Gunbird on my Dreamcast was nothing but good times. Thankfully, Jamestown+ came along and brought me back to that moment with a masterful reinterpretation of everything that made those games so great.

Jamestown+ Review
Jamestown+ screenshot
If you think that's a lot of bullets then keep in mind this is only stage one!

The Legend of Dark Witch

You know that I love a game when it shows up on two of my top ten lists. I first mentioned The Legend of Dark Witch in my Top 10 3DS eShop Games list and for good reason. I can't recommend this game enough for old-school enthusiasts since it combines many aspects of classic games in such a superb way.

The Legend of Dark Witch Review

No Time To Explain

No Time To Explain unfortunately had a rough start since it wasn't that good of a game when it was first introduced on Steam. However, this retooled version took the original concept and vastly improved on it to create one ridiculous adventure that'll keep you laughing and begging for more with its awesomely challenging physics-based gameplay.

No Time To Explain Review
No Time To Explain screenshot
You defeat the giant enemy crab by attacking its weak point for massive damage

Duck Game

I'm one of the few gamers who unashamedly owns an Ouya. When I first got Duck Game for it, I was blown away by how exciting it was playing with three of my chums. Since then, it has (believe it or not) improved significantly and was even ported to Steam. Also, it's number one on my Top 10 Ouya Multiplayer Games list that I wrote a couple months back.

Duck Game Review

Rack N Ruin

I've made it a policy since the beginning to finish every game I review. It's a good thing I do that since I would've never discovered the greatness that is Rack N Ruin if I didn't. For the first few hours I thought it was kind of odd and didn't think much more than that, but once the difficulty ramped up I found myself obsessed with completing the adventure. The puzzles started getting brain-melting, the bullet hell battles began to match the intensity of a retro shmup, and knowing where to go next was becoming a confusing endeavor; but I remained compelled to push my way through. Every bit of progress felt awesome. The combination of puzzle solving, intense confrontations, and an open world that Link would feel right at home in make this one of my favourite indie games that I have ever played. If you try it, make sure to give it enough time to grow on you and drop me a line once it does!

Rack N Ruin Review
Rack N Ruin screenshot
Playing as a bad guy has never felt so good
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Gameplay video playlist for Top 10 Underrated Games I've Reviewed (Year One)
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