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Top 10 Wii Exclusives That Deserve Sequels

A galaxy of modern classics

A.J. Maciejewski

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Nintendo's motion-controlled console was the home of countless fantastic gaming experiences. Here, I'll count down ten obvious and obscure choices that will suit the modern market perfectly.

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Disney's Guilty Party

When you see a game called Disney's Guilty Party, you'll probably assume that it's shovelware. However, it blends classic board games such as Clue and Guess Who with enjoyable mini-games to make a fun mystery party game for the whole family. Cooperating or competing with up to four simultaneous players is a blast and with the recent rise of local multiplayer games, it's a shame that this gem of a game has only seen the light of day on Wii. Hopefully, Disney will get back in the gaming industry and remake it one of these days. v1d30chumz 100-24-118-144

Lost in Shadow

Hudson Soft has made some incredible games over the years. For its time, Lost in Shadow was very unique as you control a boy's shadow in a 3D world with 2D gameplay. Things get tricky when you consider that you can adjust the lighting so the boy's shadow can advance past otherwise difficult situations. It can be a rather eerie adventure, too, especially when you run into the creepy enemies that chase you around. Since its release, many developers have tried to copy the formula but nothing beats the original.

Lost in Shadow screenshot
Jump, shadow, jump!

Metroid: Other M

Although receiving a mixed reaction from series fans, there's no denying that Other M took the Metroid series in a more action-packed direction. Seeing as we're currently lacking new Metroid games, maybe Nintendo will work on a sequel to this divisive spin-off. Team Ninja may have done a decent job but I'd personally love to see what PlatinumGames could do with the franchise.

The Last Story

Believe it or not, The Last Story is Mistwalker's most recent console game. Incorporating strategic gameplay and stealth mechanics in its action RPG setup resulted in an addictive formula that made exploring the mysterious Lazulis Island as Dagran, Zael, and chums a treat. The battle system is one of the best as it allows casual gamers as well as hardcore genre fans to enjoy the gameplay at their own pace. Considering you can also play online, The Last Story truly is the complete package and definitely deserves a sequel.

The Last Story screenshot
No, but I did say "You're it!"


Speaking of PlatinumGames, one of their most visceral gaming experiences is MadWorld. The black and white visual style is stunning and when it ultimately fills with red, you know you have one gory game on your hands. For better or worse, the ultra-violent nature of MadWorld made it stand out on an otherwise family-oriented console. Either way you look at it, a sequel would be awesome!

Trauma Team

Trauma Center was a short-lived series of surgery simulator games that debuted on DS back in 2005. As the latest game in the series, Trauma Team features a varied cast of six characters who each have their own tale to tell. Besides just surgery, Trauma Team mixes up the gameplay with tasks suited for other professions such as forensic analysts and paramedics. Each character's story eventually intertwines when everyone collaborates to put an end to a virus which makes Trauma Team quite a memorable journey.

Trauma Team screenshot
Warning: Trauma Team is not a game for the queasy

Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors

From Heroes to Builders, the Dragon Quest series has seen loads of spin-offs over the years. One of the most underrated is Dragon Quest Swords which plays like an on-rails first-person shooter except you slash a sword instead of shoot. Playing an arcade-style game set in the Dragon Quest universe is an absolute blast but unfortunately, there was never a Dragon Quest Swords 2.

Why We Need More Dragon Quest

Sonic and the Secret Rings / Sonic and the Black Knight

Composing the entirety of the Sonic Storybook series, these two gems are full of enjoyable motion-controlled high-speed action set in fantastical worlds. Although they may not be the best games in the Sonic series, the fact that they're so unique makes a third Storybook adventure an intriguing concept. With some reworked gameplay, it could make quite a worthy long-awaited sequel.

Sonic and the Secret Rings screenshot
These rings don't seem that secret to me...


As far as RPGs go, very few are as delightful as Opoona. You play as the titular alien who's on his way to vacation with his family. However, after unexpectedly crash-landing on a planet filled with friendly folks, he goes on an adventure to help the locals and he meets tons of friends along the way. One of the best parts of Opoona is its incredible soundtrack. Each song is so full of joy and innocence which helps flesh out Opoona's world beautifully. JRPGs don't get much more underrated than this.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Admit it; you knew this would be number 1, right? Super Mario Galaxy and its sequel are two of the best 3D platformers ever created. The combination of classic Mario elements and chaotic planet-hopping gameplay creates an absolutely phenomenal formula that will satisfy even the most jaded gamer. Furthermore, the orchestral soundtrack elevates its out-of-this-world gameplay to new heights. Although I'm thankful that there are two of these suckers, a Super Mario Galaxy 3 would send me and other fans to the moon.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 screenshot
Mario and Yoshi can't wait to go on another intergalactic adventure!

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